Today, public or state hospitals in Ukraine provide 90% of medical services.

90% of medical services entered the phase of a voluminous transformation with the actual launch of medical reform and autonomization of state and municipal hospitals, changing their status to non-profit enterprises. The competition with the private sector will begin on the market of medical services. The patient himself will be able to choose whom and for what services he will pay or will be compensated by the National Health Service. As a result, the patient will attract money: insurance, state, community or investor.

The head of a municipal medical institution or a new supervisory board get a chance to move to a business management model, providing the population with quality medical services for public funds.

We should actively prepare to participate in the reorganization of the management system of medical institutions and the reconstruction and re-equipment of fixed assets of hospitals, to increase the level of managerial and technical competencies of heads of healthcare institutions at all levels.

For state and municipal medical institutions

The tasks of the Medical Constructor in the field of public medicine are similar to those offered to owners of private medical institutions, but at the same time have some significant features due to state ownership. This determines the scope and specificity of the services we offer.

For public medical institutions we offer:

  • Reconstruction of medical and diagnostic facilities in accordance with existing legislation or the reconstruction of individual departments of a medical institution;
  • Audit of design estimates, that includes determining of construction estimates, the need for personnel, materials, equipment for the construction of institutions;
  • Expert consultations on all related sections of the project;
  • Construction supervision of the execution of works, including the organization of permits for construction, contractors and suppliers, technical supervision of construction, commissioning of the facility;
  • Audit of medical equipment on the balance sheet (suitability, service life); optimization of equipment; formation of an equipment table in accordance with the hospital profile (equipment, tools, furniture, consumables);
  • The process of equipment, that is, the selection of equipment with an optimal level of price/quality;
  • Energy efficiency: engineering in the direction of reducing maintenance costs for the maintenance and servicing of medical diagnostic facilities / increasing efficiency;
  • Assistance and support in the process of accreditation of international standards, begins with the application and continues with the annual reports.
Medical reform. Hospital districts

Customer receives

  • Deep understanding of the medical infrastructure, its links for strategy development.

  • Legal support of autonomization in non-profit unitary utilities.

  • Tools for managing and inventorying the system of medical institutions.

  • Tools for analyzing demographic, statistical, marketing data.

  • Analytical reports and information reports from qualified experts.

  • Consulting in the design and reconstruction of a medical institution.



Consulting, design, construction, equipment and re-conception healthcare facility in the private and public segment, in accordance with Ukrainian and international standards.


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